At TEXAS HODL, we offer an exciting Rakeback and Affiliate program designed to reward our players for their loyalty and for growing our poker community.

Here's how it works:

1. Affiliate Program

First Line Player: If you sign up with a direct player’s username as a promo code, you become a 'First Line Player' under that direct player.

Second Line Player: Signing up with a first line player’s username as a promo code makes you a 'Second Line Player' under that first line player.

2. Rakeback Distribution

Configurable Rates: The rakeback distribution for first line and second line players is set in the Rakeback Management module.

Rake Generation Targets: Admins can set rake generation targets for both first line and second line players.

Rakeback Cycle Duration: The duration of the rakeback cycle is configurable in the Rakeback Management module.

3. How Rakeback is Calculated and Distributed

For Second Line Players: When a second line player generates rake, the first line player receives a percentage of this rake (e.g., 15%), and the direct player receives a different percentage (e.g., 25%). The remaining percentage is the admin's share.

For Direct Players: When a direct player generates rake, they receive the rakeback assigned by the admin (e.g., 10%), with the rest being the admin's share.

4. Rakeback Approval and Payouts

Rakeback Review Status: All rakeback remains in review status until the end of the rakeback cycle.

Achieving Rake Targets: If the rake generated is greater than the set target, the rakeback is approved and credited to the players.

Unmet Targets: If the rake target is not met, the rakeback is not approved, and the amount reverts to the admin.

5. Rake Commission Report

Players can view their rake contributions and rakeback earnings in the rake commission report, which provides transparency and clarity on their earnings.