How to fund your TEXAS HODL Account

Step 1

Set up an exchange

Step 2:

Purchase Bitcoin

Step 3

Download a Lightning enabled wallet on your phone (we suggest Exodus)

Step 4

  • Send Bitcoin from your exchange to Exodus
  • Go to Exodus and click on the Wallet button
  • Select Bitcoin
  • Click the down arrow to receive
  • Copy the receive address
  • Paste the receive address into the Send field on your exchange wallet
  • Push Send (this may take several minutes to finalize)

Step 5

  • In Exodus push the Lightning button
  • Push Deposit
  • Use the slider to select how much Bitcoin Satoshis you want to send to your Lightning Wallet
  • Select Add Funds

Step 6

Launch Texas HODL and click on the Cashier button

  • Select how many Satoshis you want to send in your account and click Submit
  • Wait for the QR Code to generate
  • On your phone go to Exodus and select Lightning
  • Click Send
  • Scan the QR code with your phone
  • Slide to confirm

Alternatively if you are using your phone you will need to copy the invoice address from Texas HODL and paste it into the Send section of Lightning in Exodus.

Now enjoy the game!

If you need help, please email

Tips for Beginners

Start with Low Stakes: Begin at low-stakes tables to learn game dynamics with minimal risk.

Learn Basic Strategies: Understanding odds, hand rankings, and opponent behavior is key.

Practice Regularly: Experience is invaluable in poker. Play regularly to enhance your skills.


Responsible Gaming

Always approach poker as a form of entertainment. Play within your limits, and prioritize enjoyment over winning.