Custody and Management of Funds

Temporary Custody During Play: While engaged in games, your funds are held by Texas HODL. This temporary custody ensures seamless gameplay and efficient management of in-game funds.

Advocating Self-Custody: Consistent with our belief in the ethos of cryptocurrency, we strongly recommend transferring your SATs to your personal wallet after your gaming session. This practice empowers you with full control over your funds, promoting the principle of self-custody and enhancing security.

Simplified Yet Secure Registration Process

Minimal Personal Data Collection: Our registration process is straightforward, requiring only your name and email address. This approach eliminates the need to store sensitive financial information, reducing potential security risks.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Privacy: We prioritize your privacy, ensuring that the minimal personal information we collect is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Ongoing Security Initiatives

Vigilant System Monitoring: We continuously monitor our platform for suspicious activities, ensuring the integrity and security of our system.

Regular Security Updates: Our security protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to stay ahead of evolving digital threats, guaranteeing a safe and secure gaming environment.

Encouraging Player Responsibility in Security

Secure Account Practices: We advise players to adopt strong password practices and keep their account details confidential.

Personal Wallet Security: We encourage players to educate themselves about securing their personal Bitcoin wallets, which plays a critical role in the overall security of their digital assets.

Our Pledge to Player Safety

Player safety is paramount at Texas HODL. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing a secure platform for online poker, focusing intently on the protection of player funds and personal data. Trust and security are the foundations upon which our platform is built, reflecting our dedication to delivering a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.